Customer Testimonials

Capt. Christopher Starrs
Sails Tactic 35 Bertram
Iztapa, Guatemala

On both our boats, we drag daisy chains religiously. Smalls to Mid size chains on the short position for the captain to control on the bridge. Great for fly fishing when you need that sailfishes head up for a surface bite.

The electric blue & hot pink are really great for everything. The electric blue chain seems to be a favorite amongst the stripe marlin, apart from sails and tuna. However, we have all the colors of the rainbow!!! Mini chuggers rigged on pitch baits for the big marlin as well. Great product.

Ken Cofer
Tranquilo 57 Spencer
Quepos, Costa Rica

We have been using Squidnation Products exclusively while fishing the Central American Billfish Tournament Circuit. Squidnation Dredges were a big part of our wins in El Salvador, Quepos and Popagayo Costa Rica. We used Squidnation Teaser Chains and Chuggers in our win in the PCCA of Guatemala.

Gifredo "Juanga" Lopez
Makina - 34 Out Island

Squidnation Dredges and Teasers Kick Ass, no other way to say it. No other way to put it. We have seen multiples of sailfish skip the end bait and attack the center squids of a chain time and again. The blue glow in the clear squids are unique and drive the fish crazy. Everybody loves a hot teaser bite. Squidnation Squids seem to get drive the fish nuts. They follow the chains to the boat slapping ans slashing the entire way. Squidnation has developed a new twist to an old "standby" product.

Bubba Carter
Owner Captain
Los Suenos, Costa Rica

Squidnation Dredeges - Don't go fishing without them PERIOD!

Capt Paco Saca
Capt/Owner Sandy-ita
45 Rampage
Baha Del Sol, El Salvador

My Squidnation dredge has really made a difference on my results since I started using it. I was a non believer of hookless teasers and Squidnation changed that, now they are the first thing to go in the water, they look and feel so real that fish can't resist them.

Eugene from Texas

I caught this one, a 77 pound warsaw grouper, on your killer pink squid here in texas on july 4th. I rigged your squid with a 15 inch long 500 lb. Mono staging with a 12/0 owner super mutu for the main hook and also a 20 inch long 400 lb mono staging with an owner 10/0 ringed live bait hook for the stinger hook. These were on 400 lb swivels. Also i added a glow in the dark octupus squidilla skirt and 2 large green glow beads on the stagings. I baited it with a 12 inch live bluerunner hardtail for bait. The grouper was caught in 280 feet of water using my diawa mega-twin 750 electric reel.

I placed 3rd in grouper category in the 67th annual freeport fishing fiesta 4 day tournament. We have the big offshore deep drop and sword fish tournament this weekend aug. 15 and 16 out of matagorda texas. Hope to send you another picture.

Will Patterson
38 Wesmac Lauren's Will

I wanted to touch base with you about your products. At the end of last season we purchased the natural 12" maulers to be built in 2 new bars. We were having trouble raising the big eye to our spread. With the addition of those bars we haven't had a trip without raising one(5 in fact). A new addition to the spread was your natural colored 6 arm 36" dredge ran right under the two spreaders. We have 2 of your weighted green machines that work so well behind the spreaders.

The sharks love the dredge too. We were testing the dredge in our spread after a shark trip and had a few casualties. Good thing we got extra!

To make things simple, your products are a staple on our boat and we are proud to be part of the Squid Nation!

Captain Jake Hiles
Owner Operator

I have been using Squidnation products since the beginning. Nearly every bait in the spread comes from Squidnation- dredge squids, daisy chains, greenstick squids, spreader bars, big heavies, mini chuggers, skullz, all of it. Squidnation products work and I have the results to prove it.

Capt Tim Richardson
Tradition -Australia
Ambush - Dominican Republic

The Squidnation black and red dredge and the hot pink squid chain from Bill Pino has been doing the damage for us the whole season here in the Dominican Republic, both on the blue marlin on the FADs at Marina Casa de Campo Fishing Club, and also the white and blue marlin up here at Marina Cap Cana the last couple of weeks. I raise at least 75% of my fish on the flat lines right by the dredge and squid chain.

Brian Sullivan Jr

"I never thought I would pull my rigged mullet dredge out of the spread to put a red artificial Squidnation dredge down, but we did it and it crushes white marlin!" --Brian Sullivan Jr.

Captain Tucker Colquhoun
G Rod 68 Weaver
Los Suenos, Costa Rica

If you get a blue marlin that doesn't want to switch off a teaser, put a Squidnation chugger head on your pitch... They can’t resist it.

Captain Bob Burnside

Hi Bill,aka, THE SQUID MASTER !!! Over the past 20 years I have pulled all sorts of dredges using mullets, ballyhoos, Islanders, plastic shads,and all sorts of exotic combinations attempting to entice more sailfish and marlin into our spread. Last season, Mr. Bill Pino, THE SQUID MASTER, suggested I try his mega squid dredge ( 39 Squids per dredge). WOW!!! FANTASTIC!!! UNREAL!!! Not only has my ALL SQUID dredge become my dredge of choice, but it also has become the unmistakable 1st choice of the sails and marlin. Don't leave the dock without it!!!

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